Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Consciousness can only be comprehended if you see it in terms of the environment in which it is embedded.
The ratio of the orbital period of Mars to that of Mercury comes out to 7.8 which is almost exactlythe Schumann resonance fundamental of 7.83 cycles per second.
Theinner coherence bands of electro encephalic activity (EEG) has theirouter doppelganger in the coherence bands of the earth-ionospherewave-guide; the so-called Schumann resonances.

The Schumann resonances as standing waves of potential created by thenatural radio wave transmitters called lightning bolts are not muchdifferent from the micro voltage pulses of potential measured fromhuman skull called EEG or the micro voltage pulses from the heartcalled EKG. The Schumann fundamental marks the boundary betweenconscious and subconscious selves.

Simply put, when EEG activity goes below 7.83 cycles per second peoplefall asleep or go into trance. If EEG activity goes above 7.83 cyclesper second they wake up or come out of trance. To put it yet anotherway the Schumann fundamental marks the point where attention switchesfrom external awareness to internal awareness.

The fundamental resonant frequency of the earth-ionosphere wave-guideis the fundamental resonant frequency of the human brain's EEGactivity!


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